simPRO Mobile 5.1

What's new in simPRO Mobile: 25 March 2020 AEST

Check out the release blog.


  • You can now copy and paste into text boxes and other input areas in all simPRO Mobile modules.
  • We’ve introduced support for bi-directional status codes even in offline mode! You can now select lower priority statuses that are setup to ignore status priority even when you’re offline.
  • Know when the refresh is on! Service module schedule refresh icon now spins when you trigger a refresh.
  • Get your grammar correct! Now, spell check and auto capitalise first word is available for all modules and text areas in simPRO Mobile.
  • You will no longer see the Open in Connect option in the Quote and Sales module! We’ve removed all references to this option for both Android / iOS.
  • Quick and easy! The list view for catalogue items in the Service module now displays part numbers without having to click into the item.
  • For more clarity, the asset type selection box will display the complete name and not the truncated form.


  • At times the background sync or tapping refresh was not retrieving assigned / scheduled projects. All fixed now!
  • We’ve made sure you won’t lose your schedule on tapping the refresh icon after an extended idle period. Everything will be as is!
  • Sometimes, when Pause Work was used one or more times before submitting, only the last block was sent back to simPRO. Now, all time blocks will be successfully submitted.
  • Job description in the Timesheet module was getting messed up and displaying some code. Now you won’t run into any such error.
  • Quote description was getting confused and showing a Job Description when accessed from the information icon! All fixed now.
  • Manually entered email addresses will no longer report an error in the Quote and Sales module. All fixed!
  • When you tap the information icon the incorrect project status was being displayed. We’ve resolved it to display the correct status.
  • Trouble with the pre-audit count? Now, you’ll see the correct number of pre-audits.
  • We’ve added the ‘Not selected’ option for test readings to make the testing task simpler!
  • Jobs no longer remain stuck to the “onsite” status after you select a completion status! Now, you’ll only see the correct, updated status.
  • Various other bug fixes.