simPRO Mobile 5.4

What's new in simPRO Mobile: from 18 June 2020 AEST

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Quick refresh for any date in the Service module

Previously, you could perform a quick refresh only when the current date was selected in the Service module. Now, the refresh button is available for any date you select and the spinning animation shows you that an update is in progress.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

Toggle off submitting recording time block

Submitting the recorded time block once you finished working on a job in the Service module is no longer mandatory. Now, if you have a scheduled or actual timeblock you can opt to toggle off submitting the recording time block. This is significant for technicians who need to complete a job card and submit a job retrospectively.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

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WYSIWYG capability for work completed, technician notes and purchase orders

This is a time saver, especially for the technicians as they can now format text when adding work completed notes, technician notes, and purchase orders notes.

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A screenshot of the Ignore Status Priority option in a status code.

Other significant updates

  • The insert script button now has a new UI to make it more noticeable by users. Increased use of scripts can save time as well as reduce grammatical errors.
  • Now when you access Assets, only the assets on the job are loaded. And, when you search for an asset for the first time, all of the assets on the site are loaded as well. This speeds up the loading time allowing technicians to access their assets faster and also reduces the amount of data used.
  • Auto schedule refresh when a user changes date in the Service module so that more current data is displayed to the technician and to avoid the need to manually refresh.
  • App-wide language enhancements to fix minor errors in all modules and across multiple languages.
  • The date format in the Service module is now consistent with the rest of the app.
  • The Hazards/Risks and Control Measures messages will no longer display, if they contain no text. This will accelerate the process of completing audits in certain cases.
  • When viewing the site history on a job in the Service module, the job name is displayed instead of the cost centre name as the job name is more specific to a project, and a better reference to help technicians to recall.
  • Label change for the Archived and Fully Invoiced Jobs toggle in the simPRO Mobile Service setup options to better describe the usage of the setup.


  • The mobile setting to hide archived and fully invoiced jobs, and the system default to restrict archived jobs weren’t getting along. Now these settings are functioning correctly.
  • Unable to view plant name or cannot tap to view other technicians on the job when only one plant item is scheduled to the cost centre. All fixed now!
  • We have resolved the time block threshold not triggering a new time block issue. It should now adhere to the threshold constraints.
  • You’ll no longer face the issue of scripts not refreshing when "Refresh All Service Data" is used. It’s resolved.
  • Sometimes you were able to open read only jobs from the schedule. Now they’ll remain inaccessible so you don’t accidentally update something you’re not supposed to.
  • Schedule page appeared empty for a few seconds when syncing and if there’s poor internet connection. All fixed!
  • Trouble with submitting jobs to simPRO? Sometimes there were issues when submitting a job to simPRO in the Quote and Sales module if one or more cost centres were locked. We’ve sorted out this for you!
  • Newly added or created asset details were not displayed even after background sync for some workflows. This issue is now resolved.
  • All issues with the dismissal pop-up menu are now fixed!
  • There were instances of audit questions appearing out of order. Now, those are back on track!
  • We’ve made sure searching for the required job in simPRO Mobile is a smooth process!
  • You can now tap the menu icon from the Quote and Sales module after tapping Go to schedule in the pop-up menu.