simPRO Mobile 7.1

What's New in simPRO Mobile: from 25 November 2020 AEST

Reopen the currently running job

Technicians can now use the clock icon on the Service schedule that indicates that time is being recorded on a running job to quickly reopen the job without navigating from the schedule page.

Learn more in How to Manage Schedule in Service Module.

Load catalogue items faster

Instead of downloading all the chosen catalogue groups when logging into simPRO Mobile, catalogue items are only displayed when accessed through the quote or job in the Quote and Sales or Service module. This ensures quick login and refresh times.


  • Working on assets in the Service Module is now more efficient!
    • Information will be sent to simPRO when an asset is tested, a test is added to the job and also when an asset is created or edited.
    • If you have no internet connection, the updated information will be securely stored on the device until you get back online.
  • More informative employee lists! Now the employee lists will display the contractor's name, not just the company they work for.
  • Trouble with transferring signatures to simPRO? Now, you can be sure that signatures are always transferred from the app to simPRO!