simPRO Mobile 8.2

What's New in simPRO Mobile: from 27 January 2021 AEST

View all contacts

Previously, in simPRO Mobile, technicians could only view the primary site and customer contacts for a quote or job. With this new feature, they can now access a complete list of contacts detailed on the customer and site cards. If there are instances where the primary contact is busy or not available, technicians can easily communicate with other contacts in the list to get the job done in time.

New communication options

Now when you tap on a phone icon in any location in simPRO Mobile, you’ll have options to call, message or copy the phone number to your device. This ensures the technician has more flexibility and saves their time to open multiple apps to use a phone number the way they intend to.

Call and message logs in simPRO

Previously, calls / messages to contacts in simPRO Mobile were not logged in simPRO! Now when a technician communicates with a contact via call or message, the information is saved in simPRO in the quote / job’s log. Logging communication details between the technicians and contacts not only provides more project insight but also protects the technician in the event that a customer disputes receiving any attempt at communication.

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