simPRO Mobile 8.3

What's New in simPRO Mobile: from 17 February 2021 AEST

Select to display time in 12 hr or 24 hr formats

simPRO Mobile users are no longer restricted to display time in 24 hour format throughout the app. Instead they can choose the time to display in 12 hour or 24 hour format based on their workflows and preferences. Learn more in simPRO Mobile.

View assets before starting work

You can now view the list of assets on a job without tapping START WORK or completing any mandatory PRE-AUDITS. This allows users to filter and search for assets on site, and view information about the assets before starting work so they are well aware of what the assets are and their history for using correct maintenance equipment. Learn more in How to View Assets.


  • We've made sure all your data will remain intact even if there are instances of force closure of the app!
  • Image sizes in iOS slowing down your upload? Now simPRO Mobile will compress and resize images correctly in iOS when you attach them from the photo gallery.