simPRO Takeoffs 1.10

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 24 September 2021 AEST

Access Takeoffs

Takeoffs are now a lot easier to open and access from any quote or job! You can launch a takeoff from the corresponding quote or job in a single click. Similarly, you can also easily return to the relevant quote or job in simPRO from the corresponding record in Takeoffs. Learn more in Access Takeoffs.

Unique name for copies

Avoid mixing up the original takeoff with its copies! When creating a copy of a takeoff it will now have the suffix ‘copy’ in the new takeoff name.

Delete individual items on takeoffs

You can now select and delete individual volumes, areas and lengths associated with an item. If a volume, area or length item is added at multiple locations on a plan, you no longer need to get rid of all the instances, instead you can just delete a single instance, and redraw, as required.

Create new Takeoffs in fewer steps

Create takeoffs in substantially fewer steps! If there is only one section or cost centre, you no longer have to select them manually when creating a takeoff for a quote / job. Also, if you create a new takeoff from a plan or copy an existing takeoff, you can now open the takeoff and start work on it immediately. Learn more in Manage Takeoffs.

Improved Look

We’ve made sure all elements in Takeoffs now appear similar to all the other areas in simPRO!

Display attachment file

Previously, when you added plans to Takeoffs using existing quote / job attachments, all of the available attachments were displayed to select from. To avoid confusion, now Takeoffs shall only display those attachments that are of the correct file type.

Additional Symbols

You now have more symbols to choose from when adding a count of items to a takeoff. The new symbols are specifically for Lighting, Plumbing and HVAC companies and aim to represent the items added to takeoffs more accurately. Learn more in Add Symbols.

As Built Drawings

Introducing As Built drawings to take into account the differences between the final drawing and initially planned takeoff version! You can create As Built drawings to capture the actual representation of the work completed and the items installed. You can attach As Built drawings to jobs to help provide an accurate record of a project. Learn more in How to Create an As Built Drawing .

Set scale using page size and ratio

You can now choose to set the scale on a takeoff using the page size and a scale ratio, rather than drawing the scale on an image. This helps set the scale more accurately, without the need to know the exact measurement on the plan. Additionally, if you create multiple takeoffs from the same plan, you have to set the scale on a plan only once. Learn more in Set the Scale.


  • Sometimes when using the Select Measurement tool, clicking on the blank portion of the plan failed to deselect the items. All fixed now!
  • If an item was selected on a takeoff and you started to add a new item, clicking delete would get rid of the old item. Now you’ll be able to only delete the items you need to!
  • Trouble clearing a drop value or volume height added on a takeoff? Now, we’ve made sure there are no issues clearing these fields.
  • Occasionally when you zoomed into a takeoff to a particularly high percentage, the takeoff would disappear, and sometimes the whole page would crash or refresh. This issue is now fixed!
  • Does setting the scale on a blank takeoff results in a 412 error? Now you’ll be able to set the scale on blank takeoffs without any issue.
  • The version of a takeoff wasn’t always updating after you saved a new one. Now you’ll get all up-to-date versions.
  • If you used the undo option on a takeoff until setting up the scale, you weren’t able to use the redo tool later. Now you can undo and redo as and when required!
  • Sometimes if any count items were selected on a takeoff, the selection frame around the items would appear on the exported drawing as well. We’ve made sure the select frame is now hidden on the exported version!
  • All issues related to adding volume items on takeoffs are now fixed!