simPRO Takeoffs 1.12

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 20 October 2021 AEST

Additional symbols

Represent the items added to takeoffs more accurately! You now have more symbols to choose from when adding a count of items to a takeoff. Learn more in Add Symbols.

View summary

Check out the new Summary button when you open a takeoff drawing! You can use this button for a quick and more intuitive access to view and edit summary of items added to the takeoff. Learn more in Add parts and labour to a plan.

Take Off items

Viewing and adding items to the takeoffs drawing now has an improved UI and better functionality! All the items are now displayed at the same time making it possible to have a holistic view of all items in the takeoff drawing. Additionally, you can now pin commonly used items in takeoffs for future use and also add one off items in fewer steps. Learn more in How to Build simPRO Takeoffs.

Catalogue favourites

Filter for favourites when adding catalogue items to takeoff drawings! Catalogue items that are marked as favourites in simPRO are now available easily to add onto your takeoffs saving time required for searching and selecting relevant catalogue items.