simPRO Takeoffs 1.17

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 02 February 2022 AEST


Draw deductions for area and volume items in takeoffs that automatically calculates the total deductions. Learn more in Deductions.

Improved Drawing PDF export

When you export a PDF, both the marked up drawing and the takeoff summary table are now included on the same page, making your PDF export more convenient.

Double-click to finish a line and close area / volume

Drawing lines on your takeoff drawing is more intuitive - you can simply double-click with your mouse to finish a line or close an area instead of clicking End Line.

Change materials

Easily change the material of one off or non-one off items that are already added to the takeoff drawings by clicking Change Material and selecting a new material to replace the current material. Learn more in Add parts and labour to a plan.

Convert to one off Items

Now you can change the materials of non-one off items on a takeoff plan to one off items in a single click using the Convert to One Off option! Learn more in Add parts and labour to a plan.

Pre-build favourites

Filter for favourites when adding pre-builds to takeoff drawings! Pre-builds that are marked as favourites in simPRO are now available easily to add onto your takeoffs saving time required for searching and selecting relevant pre-builds.

Additional symbols

Represent the items added to takeoffs more accurately! You now have more security symbols to choose from when adding a count of items to a takeoff. Learn more in Add Symbols.

Drawn marks improvement

Previously when you have drawn on a blank takeoff drawing prior to setting a scale, the drawing would disappear after you have set the scale. Now, the drawn marks will remain visible regardless of whether you set the scale prior or after drawing on a blank drawing.

Change default line thickness

Now, the default line thickness for length-based items added to a takeoff drawing is increased to 4 pts making it easier to view and save time on making manual adjustments.


  • Scale goes missing on drawings when images are exported? You’ll no longer face this issue! All fixed.
  • Count item that has its symbol changed will remain as a pinned item when you add it to the pinned list.
  • Does the vertical divider end prematurely? All fixed now!
  • Unable to select some cost centres when creating a new takeoff? You can now select the required cost centre without any issue.
  • Item list on the next/previous page will not start abruptly instead it will be displayed from the beginning.
  • When you hover over any count and drawn items, the item in item picker will get highlighted.
  • Trouble loading catalogue and pre-build groups in takeoffs? All fixed now.
  • When a section or cost centre is removed in simPRO, the corresponding update will reflect in takeoff after you refresh.
  • The search criteria will now be cleared when you navigate in takeoff templates.
  • You are now able to pan over a takeoff drawing when scale is selected.