simPRO Takeoffs 1.19

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 23 February 2022 AEST

Unpin items

Too many pinned items? Make your most-used items more manageable by unpinning items you don't need anymore.

Improved symbols

Navigate through your symbols more easily and quickly find the symbols you need. You can make symbols smaller, add symbols that are solid colours instead of outlines.

Improved zoom

In plans that are very large and extensive, you can zoom in even further to view all the details.

Search using salesperson

Find the right quote or job more quickly by searching for the assigned salesperson.


  • Previously, when you created a takeoff from an individual cost centre, you had to find it again manually. Now you have the option to save and open the takeoff right away.
  • Sometimes mandatory fields weren't very obvious that you needed to complete them. Now you'll receive a clear warning message if the mandatory fields are incomplete.
  • Completing an As Built will send you to the As Built page instead of the Takeoffs page.
  • We’ve improved the look of Takeoffs, including making sure search bars, toggle switches and other elements look just like they do in simPRO.


  • Renaming a takeoff the same name as another takeoff that was deleted was causing an error. Now your deleted takeoffs won’t haunt you.
  • When editing item details, editing and saving the labour or fit time for an item, while another item was unsaved, was clearing the value of other unsaved items. Now your items won’t mess with each other when you’re updating details.
  • When you used the Select Measurement tool, area and volume measurements weren’t being highlighted when hovered over. Now you’ll be able to select them again.
  • When you renamed a section of a project in simPRO, that name wasn’t being updated in Takeoffs. Now your section names will match.
  • When adding an item, moving between tabs was making your search terms disappear, even though the search results were still reflecting your search terms. Now the search bar will be properly cleared when you switch tabs.
  • Converting settings from imperial to metric was blowing the scale of the drawing out of proportion if the scale was big enough. Now your scale will stay on the canvas.
  • Pinning an item when changing materials by using templates was causing an error. All fixed!
  • When changing units to imperial, fields that display units, such as drop value, were pushed out of alignment. Now your input fields will line up.
  • When viewing details for a locked takeoff, some of the labels of the fields were skewed. All fixed!
  • When loading groups in take off templates, pre-builds and catalogue items, the loading icon was obscured. Now you’ll have a clear view.
  • Takeoffs with very long names weren’t displaying correctly and overlapping other rows. Now long names will be abbreviated appropriately.
  • When viewed on some devices, text from one column in a catalogue item was overlapping with the next column. Now your columns will display correctly.
  • After deleting an item, clicking undo wasn’t working. Now you’ll be able to undo your mistakes.
  • When viewing a quote PDF, the input field for the page number was too wide. All fixed!
  • When viewed on some devices, toggle switches weren’t displaying correctly. All fixed!
  • When viewed on some devices, the expanding sections in the left panel were missing arrows. All fixed!
  • Leaving full-screen mode wasn’t resetting the zoom. All fixed!
  • Sometimes Takeoffs was allowing you to add items to drawings without scales. All fixed!
  • Takeoffs was allowing you to draw new items and move existing ones at the same time. All fixed!
  • Sometimes measurements were drifting away from a drawn area or volume. Now they’ll stay put.
  • In the Summary tab, editing an item was moving it to the bottom of the list. Now your items will stay put.
  • When clicking away from a selected item, Select Measurement mode was deactivating but not clearing the selected item. Now the selected item will be cleared.