simPRO Takeoffs 1.2

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 25 May 2021 AEST

Search by customer name

Now you can locate the required quotes and jobs easily using the customer name instead of the project name in the search field!

Load multi-page plans

Upload a multi-page plan and select pages to create multiple takeoffs all at the same time!

Learn more in Upload plans.

Add one off items to takeoffs

You can now add one off items to takeoffs rather than having to use pre-existing catalogue items or pre-builds. This is handy for specific projects that require items that are unlikely to be used in future, or materials that are custom built for the job.

Learn more in Add parts and labour to a plan.

Remove an original plan

Easily get rid of redundant or incorrect plans that you may have uploaded! We’ve introduced the Delete option to remove the non-required plans listed in the Original Plans folder in Takeoffs.

Increase existing volume measurements

Increase the quantity of a volume-based material already added to a takeoff or measure a new space to add more of the same item without adding the material as a new line item in the associated quotes and jobs. This feature makes ordering or invoicing simpler!

Learn more in Volume-based materials.

Download a takeoff as PDF

Previously, takeoff drawings could only be exported only as a PNG or JPG file. Now, you have an option to export those as PDFs too!

Consistent quote and job table headings

Quotes and jobs were listed as projects in simPRO Takeoffs. These table headings are now more consistent with the ones in simPRO, so you can interpret the listed data correctly.


Sometimes simPRO Takeoffs wouldn’t allow you to upload certain PDFs. The ‘Could not create Takeoff’ error will no longer hinder your work. All fixed now!