simPRO Takeoffs 1.3

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 16 June 2021 AEST

Additional Symbols

We’ve added even more symbols to the Count tab so you can more accurately represent items added to your takeoffs. Now you have 150 different symbols to choose from.


  • Previously when a takeoff was sent back to simPRO a copy of the takeoff was attached to the quote or job as an image file. Now the takeoff drawing along with a summary of materials will be attached as a PDF.
  • Previously, when you were adding items to a takeoff all of the toolbar options were clickable, even if they didn’t make sense or weren’t functional for the type of item being added. For example when adding a count of items, the angle snapping tool was clickable. Now only the tools that are relevant to the type of item being added will be clickable and the rest will be greyed out.
  • If you attempted to navigate out of a takeoff, you were presented with a message from the browser, indicating that you might lose some of your work. Now you’ll receive a message from within Takeoffs asking you to save you work.


  • When you viewed the list of quotes or jobs in takeoffs, the Status column was displaying the project stage. Now this column displays the quote or job status, so you can easily see where a project is up to inside of takeoffs.
  • An error message appeared when using Safari, insisting that cookies be enabled, even if cookies were enabled. Now you’ll be able to use takeoffs with Safari without encountering this issue.
  • Occasionally, if you had already updated a quote or job with materials from a takeoff and you modified the takeoff and tried to update the quote or job again, you would get an error message. Now you can update from a takeoff multiple times without this error.
  • Occasionally, when you updated a quote or job with pre-builds from a takeoff, the associated labour time wasn’t updating correctly. Now your labour time will be accurate.