simPRO Takeoffs 1.6

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 27 July 2021 AEST

Delete counts easily

Amending the count of items added to a takeoff is now more intuitive and you can do it easily in a couple of clicks, or using the delete button on your keyboard.

Learn more in Using the toolbar.

Background processing

When you update a job or quote with a takeoff, the processing now happens in the background rather than attempting to complete it immediately and forcing you to wait! This makes processing large numbers of takeoffs more stable and you can proceed with other work at the same time.

Learn more in Updating simPRO.


  • If you were updating a quote or job with multiple takeoffs or a particularly large takeoff it would timeout. Now updates process in the background preventing them from timing out.
  • Sometimes to get a deleted item back, you had to click the undo button twice. Now just the first click should do the trick!
  • You’ll no longer encounter errors when exporting a cost centre! We’ve fixed this issue.
  • Quotes that are converted to jobs appear only in the Closed tab? We’ve made sure the converted quotes appear in the Completed tab as well.
  • Incorrect error message? We’ve fixed the issue where Takeoffs would pop up a message that it had failed to update a quote even when the quote was updated successfully.