simPRO Takeoffs 1.8

What's New in simPRO Takeoffs: from 25 August 2021 AEST


We’ve made it easier for you to align items when placing them on a plan! Introducing Guidelines in the toolbar to help you draw or place items in a straight line making your takeoff neater and clearer.

Learn more in Using the toolbar.

Symbol packs

Now simPRO Takeoffs gives you the ability to enable or disable the system provided symbol packs, as required.

Learn more in Add Symbols.

Use attachments as plans

Build a takeoff from a quote or job attachment! If you have already uploaded a plan to a quote / job as an attachment in simPRO, you no longer have to re-upload the plan in simPRO Takeoffs.

Learn more in Upload plans.

Unlock takeoffs

Unlock a takeoff that is being worked on by another user! This feature aims to save the time required to manually contact a user who has accidently left the takeoff open and to avoid being locked out of the takeoff.

Learn more in Unlock takeoffs.

Improved search

Find the required quote or job in simPRO Takeoffs using a range of relevant details, such as customer, site or quote / job name.

Learn more in Access Takeoffs.

Consistent breadcrumbs

Navigating through simPRO Takeoffs is now easier and more intuitive! The breadcrumbs that appear at the top of the screen and provide links to retrace your steps are now consistent with the way that simPRO organises them.

Download takeoff versions

You can now easily select the required takeoff versions and download them as images or PDF files to share with people who are not using simPRO Takeoffs to convey the differences between multiple versions.

Learn more in Manage Takeoffs.

Access takeoff versions

While you are inside a takeoff you can now open the required version of a takeoff in a single click!


  • Occasionally, incorrect items were selected by the select tool on a takeoff. Now we guarantee that you’ll be able to select exactly what you’re after.
  • Sometimes when trying to exit a takeoff, you were asked to save your changes even though you had just saved. Now you’ll only be reminded if need be!
  • When adding items to a takeoff, all symbols should have been assigned to their correct groups, but instead they were all appearing under the default group. Now they’ll stay where they belong!
  • After you completed a takeoff a blank page was displayed. We’ve made sure you return to the main takeoffs page instead!
  • You could edit length, area and layer items even when a takeoff was locked. The issue is now fixed.
  • Searching for quotes and jobs were often turning up empty results. You can now find the work you are looking for!
  • When you tried to view quotes that were in the progress stage an error message would appear indicating that takeoffs could not load the quotes’ data. All fixed now!