Simpro Takeoffs 2.0.2

What's New in Simpro Takeoffs: from 3 November 2022 AEST

Create new cost centres and sections in Takeoffs

Need more cost centres or sections in your takeoff? Instead of spending time navigating away from Takeoffs to the job in Simpro Premium, create new cost centres and sections right inside Takeoffs.

Learn more in Manage Takeoffs.

Create takeoffs from empty cost centres

Creating takeoffs from empty cost centres is easier than ever. If a cost centre does not have a takeoff, you will be prompted to create one.

Learn more in Manage Takeoffs.

Delete cost centres and sections in Takeoffs

Keep your takeoffs organised by deleting unnecessary cost centres and sections. You can view a history of deleted cost centres and sections in the Takeoffs List.

Learn more in Manage Takeoffs.

Assign drawings from deleted cost centres / sections to newly created cost centres / sections

When you delete a cost centre or section that has a drawing, you can assign it to a new cost centre.

Learn more in Manage Takeoffs.

Cost centre and section automatic refresh

While you’re using Takeoffs, sections and cost centres will refresh automatically with any new updates whenever you land on the Takeoff List page.

Learn more in Manage Takeoffs.

Select pages to be created from multi-page PDFs

Upload a plan with multiple pages and easily select which pages to create in Takeoffs, instead of remembering and typing in page numbers.

Learn more in Upload plans.

Set scale on plan page

Instead setting a scale on the drawing page, you can set the scale for the drawing in the Plan wizard before you start drawing.

Learn more in Upload plans.

Plan wizard

Uploading and editing a plan for takeoffs is now easier than ever with the new Plan wizard.

Learn more in Upload plans.

Clip / erase part of a plan

Is there anything in the plan you’ve uploaded that isn’t actually necessary? Easily crop and erase parts of your plan so only the relevant parts are in Takeoffs.

Copy and create new drawing

Need to create a new drawing that is similar to an existing drawing in Takeoffs? Copy and rename a drawing to save time when creating a new drawing.

Improved plan tree

Your uploaded plans are more easy to find in a new separate section.

Learn more in Upload plans.

Show and hide measurements

Want your view of your drawing to be less cluttered? Use the eye filter and select Measurements to hide measurements.

Arc tool

Create curved lines on your takeoffs drawing and automatically calculate measurements of length items.

Learn more in Arc tool.

Improved symbol pack

Choose from even more symbols - an additional 162 - when adding count items to your takeoff.

Convert quotes to jobs in Takeoffs

When you convert a quote to a job in Simpro Premium, all of the drawings from the quote in Takeoffs are copied over to the new job for easier access.

Symbol recognition

Save time by adding items to your plan in bulk! With the symbol recognition tool, you can select symbols on your plan and add items to them all at once, instead of manually adding individual items.

Learn more in Symbol Recognition tool.

Improved fullscreen

In fullscreen mode you can now use the same drawing tools when out of fullscreen mode.

View versions of drawings

Easily view previous versions of your drawings through the breadcrumbs in the top left.


  • We’ve improved the eye filter so you can select filters on individual items as well as using the global eye filter.
  • The breadcrumbs in the top of the page are now streamlined, removing redundant options that would take you to the same page.
  • For jobs created from quotes uploading drawing to attachments is now easier.
  • When adding multiple of a count item, individual count items are identified with more details.
  • When creating a takeoff, the Save and Close button now reads Save.