About Simpro IoT


Simpro IoT helps you monitor and maintain your customers' assets remotely, making it easier to detect any faults or alerts before it causes damage to products or building infrastructure. There are a range of sensors which help you gather different types of data and information, such as room temperature, water temperature, water leaks and air quality.

With Simpro IoT you can also set thresholds and create trigger actions such as, SMS, email or creating of a job, for when a sensor value varies from your established ranges. You can also record asset history with specific information providing your team the full picture for when they attend site.

SMS alerts are only available with Simpro Premium SMS plans, learn more in How to Use Simpro SMS.

To know what you need to get Simpro IoT up and running, see How to Set Up Simpro IoT.

To learn more about how to use Simpro IoT after it is set up, see How to Use Simpro IoT.