Simpro Data Feed 2.6

What's new in Simpro Data Feed: from 21 March 2023 AEST

Automated Data Extraction

Earlier it was occasionally difficult to set up a feed and ensure all the fields are matched correctly for extraction. Also, a large number of fields could take up a much longer time to match and further set up.

We’ve automated this entire process to make it more easy and time efficient! Most fields that need to be extracted manually will be now automatically matched when a feed is set up.

Fixed positions for the Next and Previous buttons

You’ll no longer have to keep scrolling to find the Next and Previous buttons on the screen when creating a feed.

Now the buttons have a fixed position for easy and simple navigation!

View company name in feeds table

Previously if you used Data Feed in a multi-company build, there was no easy way to identify which feed was assigned to a particular company without manually opening the feed to verify it.

Now the company name is visible in the feeds table for each corresponding feed.