How to View Quotes


To view quotes, hover over Quotes in the main menu. You can then view quotes according to specific internal stages for your business.

In simPRO Service, these stages include Open and Closed / Archived quotes, while in simPRO Enterprise, these stages include Open, Progress, Complete, Approved, and Closed / Archived. Approved Quotes are quotes that are ready to be sent to the customer, and appear in the customer portal.

Alternatively, go to Quotes > Open, then click the All sub-tab to view all quotes.

To quickly locate a quote, enter the quote number or customer name in the local search bar and click Search. Alternatively, you can enter part of the customer name, then select the applicable quote from the drop-down list.

If you have a large quote database, click Advanced to narrow your search results according to Salesperson, Technician, Status, Cost Centre, Customer Profile, Tag, Zone, and Due Date.

In simPRO Enterprise, you can also filter quotes according to Project Manager, Business Group, Customer Group, and Quote Type.

A screenshot of the Advanced filter options for quotes.

In simPRO Enterprise, Open Quotes includes Progress, Complete, and Approved quotes.