Simpro Premium 23.4.5

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 3 December 2023 AEST

Cc and Bcc for emails

The new Cc and Bcc fields for lead, quote, job and customer invoice forms allow you to send a copy of your emails to multiple recipients. Automatically, the Cc field will populate with secondary contacts for quotes, jobs and invoices.

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A screenshot of the Cc and Bcc fields.

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  • The Logs tab for contractor jobs is now in a position more consistent with Logs tabs in other areas of the system.


  • In the Customer Portal, you received an error when you tried printing a gas safety form. All fixed!
  • The Sales Invoices Report was showing void invoices with negative retention values in the Total and Total (ex tax) columns. All fixed!
  • Booking a job through the customer portal was not triggering the booking notification email. Now notifications will be sent.
  • In the Day View, the order of members in a team was changing instead of keeping the order you had saved. Now your team members will stay put.
  • If you had over 10,000 completed jobs, you weren’t able to view all of them. Now you can see all the jobs you have done.
  • Sometimes you were having trouble updating customer contact details. Now you can update contacts without issue.
  • When you tried merging two cost centres, you received an error. Now you can merge cost centres without worrying.
  • When you went to map contractors, the map was not displaying contractor names. Now you can see who’s who.
  • If you tried filtering the Stock Value Report by all storage devices, an error was popping up. All fixed!
  • Quotes with only optional cost centres weren’t printing the quote footnote on the relevant PDF forms. All fixed!
  • The Programmed Preventative Maintenance Report was splitting the Asset Types into multiple columns when the Asset Type contains commas. Now they’ll be included in the correct columns.
  • When converting a quote with optional cost centres and additional customers, you didn’t receive a warning of the available options. Now you can choose the relevant customers and cost centres as needed.
  • Sometimes two-factor authentication wasn’t requiring authentication for subsequent logins. Now your data will have the extra layer of security.
  • The job cards in timesheets were not ordered chronologically. All fixed!
  • In supplier quotes, a 15% GST code was being applied despite having a 10% GST pre-defined as the default purchase tax code. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to export supplier contacts. All fixed!
  • The Variation Summary table on Invoice PDF forms were calculating the cost centre claimed percentages incorrectly. Now your numbers will add up.
  • In the customer portal, the Page Access section in a contact, the Test History report permission was incorrectly labelled. All fixed!
  • The Transactions Ready For Export report did not include a separate line for the withheld retention. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to run the Transactions Ready For Export Report. All fixed!
  • Contacts using the customer portal were able to view all the sites in the PPM report without having all sites assigned on their contact profile. Now, access to sites will be properly controlled.
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to edit payments. All fixed!
  • Creating a new company in the multi-company build was wiping the audit folders from the template company. Now you can create new companies safely.
  • The clock icon was not being displayed in the recurring invoices table when a contract had expired. Now it will only show when a recurring invoice is ready to be generated.
  • When you created a new job from the recurring job template the new jobs were not automatically displayed in the History tab within the site. All fixed!

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