Simtrac 5.4

What's new in Simtrac from: 5 December 2023 AEST

Automated archiving of job sites

Previously, archiving a site or invoicing a job in Simpro Premium required manual archiving of the associated site in Simtrac, making the process time-consuming.

This time-saver feature aims to streamline this process. Now, when a site is archived or all jobs associated with the site are fully invoiced and archived, the associated sites in Simtrac would be automatically archived. Furthermore, archiving a site in Simpro Premium will automatically trigger the archiving of the corresponding site in Simtrac to maintain consistent records.

Archived Simtrac sites associated with newly created jobs will be automatically re-added once you load the job into Simtrac and click the Save Sites button.

Optimised filtering for unscheduled quotes and jobs

Introducing date-based filtering for unscheduled quotes and jobs to improve the loading process for Simtrac users!

Previously, loading a large volume of unscheduled projects involved processing all projects, which resulted in extended loading times. The new filtering option allows you to quickly access specific unscheduled quotes and jobs based on the Quote/Job Created Date, eliminating the need to wait for the entire list to load.