About Maintenance Planner


Maintenance Planner is a Simpro Premium add-on focused on preventative maintenance for customer assets. This is useful if you require additional functionality to handle high volumes of asset-driven jobs with multiple service levels.

By setting up service levels, failure points and recommendations, preferred technicians, and pre-builds, you can create and assign pre-planned jobs and quotes either directly from the planner, or from the alerts page when you receive an alert that an asset has failed testing.

These jobs and quotes automatically populate with customer, site, and asset details, as well as the necessary billable items and labour in pre-builds. Maintenance Planner jobs are manually created from the planner by selecting a date range for the applicable assets that require maintenance or servicing.

To set up Maintenance Planner and create Maintenance Planner jobs and quotes, it is important to understand the following relationships in your Simpro Premium system:

  • Customer assets are linked to sites, and can have their own defined service levels.
  • These service levels can be linked to failure points and recommendations when assigned to an asset type.
  • Service levels can also be linked to standard pre-builds which are based on the sum total of their catalogue items or flat rate pre-builds that have a defined charge rate to bill to customers.
  • Preferred technicians can also be linked to service levels to complete the required works.

Set price pre-builds are now referred to as flat rate price pre-builds in Simpro Premium.

If your business operates in the fire industry in Australia and you need to test and maintain a significant number of assets, you can contact Simpro Premium Support to request a fire industry testing template to be loaded into your Simpro Premium build. You can then use this template as a starting point for setting up assets, and save time on data entry with the imported service levels, asset types, failure points and recommendations, and pre-builds. You still need to update the associated costs according to your business requirements.

Please contact our Sales team in your respective country to purchase Maintenance Planner.

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