How to Use the Business Toolkit


The business toolkit displays a visual representation of your profitability for the last three months. This breakdown is based on all sales across the company in gross profit and gross margin, and you can use this to estimate potential profits and set goals. You can explore how gross profits and margins are affected by adjusting the cost and sell prices of both labour and materials. To use the toolkit, go to Utilities A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Business Toolkit.

The business toolkit only counts costs on jobs if those costs were actualised within the three-month time period. For example, if a job was invoiced three months ago, but labour on that job was scheduled four months ago, those labour costs will not be included in the business toolkit. Also, any purchase orders receipted four months ago will not be included in material costs.

A screenshot of the business toolkit.

The graph displays your Material Cost, Labour Cost, Material Sell, Labour Sell, Original Margin and Adjusted Margin. To hide a part of the graph, click the names in the legend on the right side of the graph. Hover over the bars in the graph to see more details.

Labour costs do not include scheduled activities.

A screenshot of the legend in the business toolkit.