Profit / Loss Job Report


Use the Profit / Loss Job Report to determine how your business has performed on individual jobs within the specified date range.

The Profit / Loss Job Report is a managerial report that can be used to find exceptions on margin levels. This report includes invoiced jobs only.

The Profit / Loss Job and Profit / Loss Summary reports both display profit and loss, but the majority of the time they do not report the same values due to the following differences:

  • The Profit / Loss Summary Report looks at individual transactions on jobs, such as purchase orders, and checks which cost centres the orders were invoiced against when calculating costs. Additionally, the report looks at the date range of individual transactions. If purchase orders were invoiced within the date range, they are included in the report. In some cases this can mean that a job is included in the report because it was invoiced within the date range, but a purchase order raised for that job is excluded, because it was invoiced outside the date range.
  • The Profit / Loss Job Report only looks at the cost centres on the jobs and when the entire job was invoiced. If the final customer invoice issued for that job is within the date range, the job is included in the report.

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