How to Set Up an SPF Record


If you have your own email domain (for example,,, your domain host or IT administrator needs to set up your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record to list the programs that are authorised to send emails on your behalf.

A SPF record is a powerful anti-abuse tool, that protects you from fraudulent entities disguising their emails as yours. Additionally, an SPF record helps large mail servers such as Google and Microsoft establish the reputation of domains, thereby improving the deliverability of your emails. When an email is sent from Simpro Premium, the recipient’s spam filter checks if Simpro Premium is granted permission to send email from your domain. The server checks the corresponding SPF record to validate this permission. If the SPF record is absent, or set up incorrectly, the recipient’s spam filter may reject the incoming email.

If you host your company email in the cloud, your hosting provider should be able to provide instructions on how to publish your SPF Record.

A graphic displaying the process of an SPF record check.

You should approach your IT administrator or domain host support to set up your SPF record for you.