About Outlook Integrations


Simpro Premium offers two integrations with Outlook Office accounts, both with Outlook and the Outlook Calendar.

Integrate Simpro Premium with your Outlook Office account to easily create new leads / customers in Simpro Premium and add emails as notes to customers cards, leads, quotes and jobs without leaving Outlook.

Once the integration is installed, Simpro Premium automatically recognises the email sender in Outlook if their information is saved in Simpro Premium.

The Simpro Premium to Outlook integration is only compatible with account types Office 365, Outlook.com and Exchange Server 2019. The add-in does not currently support integrations with shared inboxes, please consult your internal IT support for more information.

By integrating Simpro Premium with your Outlook Calendar, you can view Simpro Premium schedules alongside other appointments or events in the same calendar, this integration is two-way, meaning Simpro Premium schedules can be viewed in the Outlook Calendar and Outlook Calendar events and appointments can be viewed from within the Simpro Premium schedules enabling a comprehensive view of availability of resources.

The Outlook Calendar Integration only synchronises entries created after the integration has been enabled.

If one Simpro Premium user is using Google Calendar and another is using Outlook Calendar, both of them cannot integrate with Simpro Premium simultaneously. Learn more in About Gmail Integration.