About simPRO Mobile Security Groups: Quote and Sales Module


The purpose of a security group is to restrict or limit access to various functions within simPRO based on a user's role in your organisation. For example, your technicians may not require access to creating activities from their device, or you can also limit their ability to modify totals in job cost centres.

Security groups are defined in System A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Setup > simPRO Mobile Security Groups.

Go to All > Quote and Sales Module to view and manage the security groups that define the general functions in simPRO Mobile.

Quote and Sales

  • Enable: Select Enable to allow access to simPRO Mobile Quotes and Sales Module from the device. If Enable is not selected, no other features under Quote and Sales can be accessed from the Quote and Sales Module.
  • Allow Create Jobs: Select to allow creating jobs.
  • Allow Create Quotes: Select to allow creating quotes.
  • Email Quote: Select to allow emailing quotes to customers.