About simTRAC

simTRAC is live vehicle tracking software. Once you have installed GPS trackers into your vehicles, you can monitor your vehicles' movements in real time, watch replays of their past movements, and send messages to drivers. Using simTRAC assists with driver safety, gives more accurate reporting on driver activity, and reduces administration.

A screenshot of the simTRAC homepage.

Please contact our Sales team in your respective country to purchase simTRAC licences.



1300 139467 (press 2)

United Kingdom


0800 622 6376 (press 3)

New Zealand


0800 100 854 (press 2)

United States


(855) 338-6041 (press 1)

Once you have your username and password, click Log In to access simTRAC.

You can also access simTRAC from a mobile device. Learn more in How to Use simTRAC on Mobile.