Product Roadmap

Any information communicated through the simPRO Product Roadmap and the Ideas Portal is intended for information purposes only and is subject to change, due to:

  • Changing client needs
  • Features being more complex than initially anticipated.

For this reason, we only publish the ideas in development or planned for development.

When considering purchasing simPRO products, we recommend making these purchasing decisions based on existing features and not features planned for the future.

simPRO releases new improvements every two weeks. simPRO builds are updated in stages, so you may be updated to the latest version up to a week after the initial release. Learn more about the latest features in our Release Notes.

You can make suggestions for future features in our Ideas Portal. Learn more in simPRO Ideas Portal Guidelines.


Stock import and management tools

We're making multiple improvements to the way you manage your stock.

simPRO Mobile: Assets module

Test, maintain and manage your assets in the field.

simPRO Mobile: Payments and Invoicing

Create invoices and take payments in the field with simPRO Mobile.

Multiple assignees on tasks

Add the ability to assign a task to more than one person.

Customer contract profitability

Improve tracking customer contract profitability

Coming Up

Project Management - Gantt view

Manage your tasks and project timelines with gantt view.

Import Supplier Quotes

Easily import your latest materials quotes direct from your supplier into simPRO so the pricing can be applied to your quotes and jobs.

Bi-directional status codes

Improving the way status codes work so that when an action that triggered a status change is undone, the status will revert to its original state.

Improved income visibility

Improve project management by allowing users to designate income accounts per line items in cost centres. This will make setting up and managing your projects and viewing the income of projects simpler.

Work Order Attachments

We’re adding the ability to add attachments to work orders and email them to your contractors too.

In Development

Single database for contacts

Allows the single, one time entry of a contact to be available across all your simPRO records.

Tax Integration

Integration to calculate US Sales Tax.

Folder Templates

Save setup time by creating reusable folder template structures for your attachments.

Nested assets tree view

Display your nested assets in a visual tree view to gain better understanding of their relationship to each other.

Zapier Integration

Easily integrate simPRO with hundreds of other applications using our simPRO Zapier integration.


Open Multiple Invoices

Keep multiple invoices open simultaneously to save time and for easy navigation in simPRO.


Mico automated catalogue and supplier invoice import

Automatically import your catalogue and supplier invoices from Mico (New Zealand only).


Tradelink automated catalogue and supplier invoice import

Automatically import your catalogue and supplier invoices from Tradelink (Australia only).


Improved nested assets functionality

Set your assets up with parent / child relationships and inherit parent asset service levels.


Short project names

Give your leads, quotes and jobs a name that's more meaningful to your business when searching, scheduling and reporting.


Catalogue and pre-build images

We're improving the workflow so you can view catalogue and pre-build images from within their projects, allowing faster selection of the correct items.


simPRO Mobile: Service Module

Manage your workflow in the field with the latest module for simPRO Mobile. Check site history, other technicians on the job, email signed job cards and much more!

simPRO Mobile 3.0

Inactive catalogue items report

Enables you to tidy your catalogues by identifying unused catalogue items.


Outlook calendar integration

Two-way integration between your simPRO schedule and Outlook 365 calendar.


FlameStop catalogue import

A simPRO-formatted catalogue from FlameStop, so you can save time matching fields when importing (Australia only).


J. A. Russell automatic catalogue and supplier invoice syncing

If you use J. A. Russell Ltd as a supplier, you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices, instead of manually importing them every time (New Zealand only).


Report builder improvements

Additional data to report on and receive scheduled reports via email.


Edit pre-builds on quote / job

Pre-builds will open in read-only view from within jobs / quotes to prevent users from accidentally altering system pre-builds.


Asset management improvements

Improvements to bulk changes and asset reporting.


Late payment fees

Adding the ability to configure late payment fee calculation based on monthly or daily period.


simPRO form Builder - invoice forms

Control the look of your invoices by creating your own form templates.


Project management improvements

Improving and enhancing project management, including scheduling and clarity of project costings.


Advanced Commission Tiers

Improving the way commissions are applied so you can specify exactly what items attract what commissions at both the user and item level.


Two-factor authentication

Stronger security for your simPRO build.


Form Builder improvements

Various improvements to the new form builder, including saving versions of forms and greater control of the content generated from the template.


Report builder improvements

Various improvements to the new report builder, including adding more data you can report on.


Lock icon on cost centre

A new icon will be added to the project cost centre list, so you can easily identify whether a cost centre is locked or not.


Custom mobile statuses

Define your own mobile statuses for Connect and simPRO Mobile.


Labour productivity report improvements

A breakdown of data and extra filtering options.


simPRO Mobile: Timesheet module

A new module for simPRO Mobile, where you can record time for jobs quotes and activities, online or offline, without being scheduled or assigned.

simPRO Mobile 2.0

eForms Mobile App Redevelopment

Redevelopment of the eForms mobile application, adding new features like pinch-to-zoom.

eForms 4.0

simPRO report builder

Greater access to your data and the ability to modify the reporting of that data.


VoIP integration

Integrate with your Voice-over-IP telephony system to make and receive calls from within simPRO.


AU only: Samios / CNW / Sherriff Electrical automated catalog and supplier invoice import

Automatically import your catalogue and supplier invoices from Samios, CNW and Sherriff Electrical (BGW group).


NZ only: Corys Electrical automated supplier invoice import

Automatically import your supplier invoices from Corys Electrical.