Simpro Premium 23.3.6

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 10 September 2023 AEST

Update employees based on custom field values

Need to update a lot of employees using an employee import? Now you have more options to identify which employees you want to update. Previously, you could update employees based on their Employee ID or name. Now, if you have additional employee information stored in custom fields, you can identify employees by custom field values.

To update employee information in bulk, go to Utilities > Import > Employees.

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A screenshot of the mapping page in the employee import.

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See How to Import Employees

Price updated date in catalogue table view

Want to know when your catalogue prices were last updated? You can choose to include the Price Updated field in your catalogue table view.

Go to Materials > Catalogue > Modify Table View and select the Price Updated check box.

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A screenshot of the Price Updated option in Modify Table View.

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See Modify the data table view

Lock custom fields for API

With Simpro Premium's API, you can now lock certain custom fields!

Editing custom field information in Simpro Premium was sometimes causing inconvenience for clients who were integrating Simpro with other systems via the API, as anyone could change the data at any time, including important information, causing the integrations to fail.

Locking custom fields will make them view-only to the Simpro Premium users, so they can’t make changes to the data. The fields can still be updated via the API, ensuring that the information stored in Simpro Premium is always accurate and also reliable.


  • The claim report generated from a new progress claim wasn’t including plant labour in the plant costs. All fixed!
  • When you tried to add service levels to an asset, you were restricted to service levels added to the asset type when the Filter by Asset Type filter was used. Now all service levels are available to add.
  • In the quotes list, you were able to use the Update Status option even if your security group restricted it. Now your security groups will be secure again.
  • In description purchase orders, if you are using a foreign currency, the converted local currency was not being displayed in the total section. All fixed!
  • When you clicked Update Materials in a job with a one-off item, that catalogue item was duplicated. Now you’ll have the right items without any copies.
  • When importing jobs, even if you specified the contract name in the customer name column, the job was created against the customer instead of the contract. All fixed!
  • If you scheduled a report for Assigned Stock, the CSV file you received only displayed one entry. Now you’ll be able to see all your stock allocations during the date range.
  • When you invoiced a job with assigned stock and marked the invoice as paid, the items on the job were still assigned and not removed from stock. Now your stock items will move where they should.
  • In recurring invoices, the inflation rate was being updated multiple times a day and preventing you from editing the recurring invoice. Now the inflation rate will only update when necessary.
  • When you converted a lead to a quote, the information in custom fields was not carrying over. All fixed!
  • In the Customer Portal, forms created using Form Builder were not displaying totals correctly. Now your forms will be accurate.
  • Sometimes you weren’t able to create a new invoice from a recurring invoice template. All fixed!
  • Sometimes duplicate invoices were being generated from automated recurring invoices. All fixed!
  • In the Prepaid Time Expiry Report, the Invoice No. column was displaying the Invoice ID instead of the invoice number. Now your reports will be accurate.
  • When you locked a variation cost centre in a job, the estimated costs and markups were being changed to zero. All fixed!
  • When you filtered by employees in the Month View schedule, all activities were hidden. Now you’ll still be able to see your employees’ activities.
  • If you use multi-company, creating a new job was causing a new customer / site to be created in the wrong company. All fixed!
  • Sometimes the Claim Per Item option in invoices was not available for specific jobs. All fixed!
  • Extra blank pages were showing up when you tried printing the Job Schedule tab. Now you can print without worries.
  • In the Project Overview, if you have two or more of the same billable labour rate, the hours were only deducting from the first labour rate. Now your remaining time for each labour rate will display correctly.

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