Simpro Premium 23.3.7

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 24 September 2023 AEST

Directly convert leads to jobs

You can now skip the step of converting leads to quotes and directly create jobs!

If you have a large number of leads to convert to jobs, you can now do it directly, without having to convert them to quotes first. Using this feature you can save a significant amount of time, as you’ll no longer need to search through the quotes table to find the recently converted quotes. Converting a lead to a job will also be recorded in the Leads Logs for tracking purposes.

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A screenshot of the mapping page in the employee import.

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Modify table view to include site address for quotes and jobs

You can view the site address in the quotes and jobs table making it easier to locate work!

Previously, the quotes and jobs tables only included the site name. This was often needed if you weren’t using the site address as the site name. Now, you can add the site address to these tables, making it easier to see where the work is located.

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A screenshot of the Price Updated option in Modify Table View.


  • Previously, you would encounter a fatal error when trying to view the customer portal history for any customer in the table view. This issue is now fixed!
  • The issue in multi-company builds where users were unable to add response times to certain customers is now fixed!
  • The Job No. column has been removed from the Supplier Quotes table view because it is never populated with data.
  • When creating a job in a multi-company build with the Shared to All Companies option disabled, the job would be created in the default booking company even if the customer did not exist in that company. This issue is now fixed!
  • The hyperlink custom field for an asset should now function properly when used as a filter in the Asset List Report. This issue is now resolved!
  • We’ve resolved the issue where the last remaining site contact would not be automatically marked as the primary contact after other site contacts were removed.
  • The issue where assigned technicians were removed from the job setup after clicking Save and Finish is now fixed.
  • The issue in the Maintenance Planner where the data in the columns would shift to the right when printing the web page is now fixed!
  • UK and IE only: The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate wasn’t fitting your company logo on the page properly. Now your logo will be the right size.
  • Invoices generated from recurring invoices included the tax amount in the commission report, this issue is now fixed!
  • We’ve resolved the issue that caused the Profit and Loss Job report to produce an incorrect gross profit because the resource cost amount for the job was incorrect.
  • The error that was displayed when trying to approve a stocktake is now fixed!
  • The issue where payments were failing to import from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to Simpro due to a mismatch in customer names is now fixed!
  • Unable to connect to their QuickBooks Online (QBO) account from one specific Simpro company? All fixed now!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where the Grand Total in the Used Hours section on the Project Overview was aligned to the left. It should align correctly now!

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