Simpro Premium 23.4.2

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 22 October 2023 AEST

Add part number and supplier/vendor to one off items

Previously, you had to manually assign a supplier to one off items on a purchase order before creating the order. Now, you can enter a part number and select a default supplier/vendor when creating a one off item, which makes it easier to create purchase orders.

This time-saver feature also allows you to quickly assign a supplier to one off items if you are using a parts import process to add items to a job.

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A screenshot of the Work notes and Technician notes options for scripts.

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  • We have resolved the issue in multi-company builds where users could assign a new purchase order to a job from a different company!
  • The Taxify setup registration link is now working correctly and will direct you to the correct website. All fixed now!
  • The Supplier Purchases Report will now return data even if you only have the security permission enabled for Edit jobs: salesperson or project manager only. The issue with security permission is now fixed!
  • We have fixed the issue in multi-company builds where the Profit/Loss Summary report showed the costs for all companies in the build, instead of just the current company.
  • You could view the employee pay rate and commission changes in the Logs tab, even if you didn't have the relevant security permissions. We have fixed this issue, and now it works as expected.
  • We have fixed the issue where opening a job/quote from within a task would open it in the task modal instead of opening it in the main window!
  • You can now generate the Supplier Purchases Report without receiving a 504 gateway error page. All fixed now!
  • The issue with exporting the tasks table from a job's cost centre is now fixed! The downloaded CSV file will now contain the correct data.
  • Jobs created via Maintenance Planner will now have the Maintenance Planner description automatically populated in the Cost Centre description section. All fixed now!
  • We have made sure the Asset Service Levels table in BI Reporting includes all assets!
  • The Mobile Status column in BI Reporting now includes geostamp data, so you will no longer see missing data in that column. The issue is now fixed!
  • Adding a new plant item with billing enabled now logs the Labour rate in the Customer card. We’ve resolved the issue!
  • The Quotes PDF forms will now convert the Cost Centre fee to the selected foreign currency correctly. The issue is now fixed!

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