Simpro Premium 23.4.4

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 19 November 2023 AEST

Lock custom fields

Previously, locking custom fields was only possible through the API, which was inconvenient for non-technical users and third-party API providers.

Now, users can effortlessly lock custom fields directly from the System Setup, eliminating the need for technical expertise or assistance from API providers. However, it's important to note that only users with API access in Simpro Premium can use this feature.

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A screenshot of the Logs tab in contractor jobs.

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  • We’ve resolved the issue that prevented you from opening Itemised and Itemised with Prices forms for quotes in DOCX format.
  • The Job status will no longer change to Not Selected when you update the Job status from the Schedule view. All fixed now!
  • You can now change the value on a retention claim to a lower amount without it automatically reverting to the total amount of retention withheld. The issue is now resolved.
  • We’ve now improved the loading times significantly for Customer profiles with a large number of attachments!
  • We have resolved the issue that prevented all sections from being displayed in the Claim Summary of Progress Claim PDF forms, even when the Claim/Variation Summary Shows setting was configured to All Excluding $0 Values.
  • You will now see the correct pin numbers associated with each job in the map on the Current Activity tab on the Service dashboard.
  • Customers should now receive emails for new invoices generated by Automated Recurring Invoices. Previously, some customers did not receive emails for new invoices despite having a valid email address. All fixed now!
  • You should no longer encounter malformed data being displayed as today's date when changing the custom field type on an Asset to Date.
  • The Job form builder template should now load correctly for all jobs. The issue is now fixed!
  • We've resolved the issue that caused due date notifications to be sent for pending invoices that were still unapproved.
  • You should now be able to view planned hours in the Schedule Comparison Report even when using an extensive date range. All fixed now!
  • We have resolved the issue that caused an error message to appear when users tried to enable the IES Automated Catalogue Integration.
  • The error message that prevented users from running Maintenance Planner for a specific Customer and Zone is now fixed!

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