CIS / RCT Monthly Returns - UK, IE Only


If you do business with sub-contractors in the UK, you can generate the CISClosed UK only: Construction Industry Scheme - contractors register and apply tax deduction rates to customer and / or sub-contractor invoices. Monthly Returns report for information you need to file your monthly returns with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). You can also print and save a CIS Payment and Deduction Statement to provide each sub-contractor with a summary of the money you deducted and paid to HMRC.

The report can include information on total payments, amounts liable, amounts deducted, and amounts payable (including and excluding VAT). You may wish to regularly generate the report to reconcile CIS amounts with those in your accounting package.

This article only provides instructions for using the CIS features in Simpro Premium, and should not be interpreted as legal or financial advice. Learn more about CIS in How to Manage CIS / RCT with Simpro Premium - UK, IE Only, or read about your CIS obligations on the UK Government's CIS website.

If your business operates in Ireland, this report is called RCT Deductions, but functions in the same way.

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