How to Set Up Statuses


You can manage most of your Simpro Mobile settings within Simpro Premium. These settings apply to all Simpro Mobile users.

To access your Simpro Mobile settings in Simpro Premium, go to System A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Setup > Mobile > Simpro Mobile, then adjust settings through the General, Service, Statuses, and Audits sub-tabs, as required.

In Simpro Premium, jobs with multiple cost centres can have each cost centre set to a different stage and status. In Connect, statuses always apply to the job as a whole, so when one cost centre is updated in Connect, this can affect the whole job depending on how your statuses are set up. It is recommended that you create status codes that are specific for mobile users, so you can easily distinguish if a job has been updated from a mobile device. Learn more in Create a status code.

A screenshot of the Statuses tab in the Simpro Mobile setup page in Simpro.