About Simpro Data Feed

What is Simpro Data Feed?

Simpro Data Feed extracts data from emails and attached documents to automatically generate new workflows in your Simpro Premium build and save time on manual entry.

This is useful if you:

  • Always receive specific emails or documents in the same format, such as contractor work orders or supplier invoices not available to import in Simpro Premium
  • Enable customers to create leads, service quotes, service jobs, or more using online forms on your company website
  • Want to automate workflows without integrating your Simpro Premium build with other systems.

When the lead, service quote, service job, supplier invoice, or task has been created in Simpro Premium and populated with the extracted data, you can then continue the workflow as normal.

How does it work?

Simpro Data Feed extracts data from emails forwarded from your external mail client, including any attached PDFs, CSVs, Excel spreadsheets, and text files.

Feeds are set up by Simpro Premium to define how this data is extracted, including what data is extracted from which emails and attached documents, and which workflows are generated in Simpro Premium based on that data. Simpro Data Feed can generate the following workflows:

  • A new lead
  • A new service quote
  • A new service job
  • A new supplier invoice and / or receipted purchase order
  • A new task

Data extracted from an email / document, such as the customer, the job description, the materials receipted, and more, then populates that workflow. To supplement the data already extracted, feeds can also use and update data in your Simpro Premium build, such as:

  • The cost centre to be used
  • The status to apply
  • Whether to create new data from an email / document in Simpro Premium, for example, catalogue items, customers, etc.

Simpro Premium can set up feeds to execute automatically, execute after your confirmation, or remain inactive. If the feed cannot locate and extract the required data, you need to intervene and enter the required information.

Once the feed has finished executing, the applicable workflow generates in your Simpro Premium build, and you can continue updating it as normal.

To express interest in using Simpro Data Feed, contact your local Simpro Premium admin team:

To learn what you need to provide Simpro Premium to set up your feeds so they can successfully extract data from emails and documents, see Set Up Simpro Data Feed.

To learn more about how to use the Simpro Data Feed system after it has been set up, see How to Use Simpro Data Feed.

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