How to Create a Feed


Simpro Data Feed extracts data from emails forwarded from your external mail client and processes the email contents and attached documents to create work and records in Simpro Premium. Each separate source that is being processed is set up and managed through a feed.

For example, one feed may be set up to process new work requests, sent to a specific email inbox when a customer requests a job on a website. A second feed could be created to handle purchase order receipts sent from a specific supplier, so that the receipts are automatically created in Simpro Premium.

Each feed processes a specific type of document, or a specifically formatted email from a specific source.

For example, if you receive invoices from a HVAC supplier that formats its invoices one way and invoices from an electrical supplier that formats its invoices in a different way, a feed is created for each supplier.

Some feeds must be created by a Data Feed administrator. Please ensure that you have contacted Simpro support prior to setting up feeds to ensure that you can set up the required feed. When you reach the maximum number of feeds you are able to create, contact your Data Feed administrator to increase the limit of your maximum number of feeds.