Simpro Premium 23.2.6

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 18 June 2023 AEST

Freight / shipping charges on purchase orders

Track your costs more accurately! When you create a purchase order, supplier quote, supplier invoice or supplier credit, you now have the option to add freight / shipping.

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A screenshot of the Freight field in a purchase order.

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See How to Create a New Catalogue Order

Audit logs for quotes

We’ve expanded audit logs to include more actions and details for better visibility and usability. When viewing service and project quotes, you can filter log events to see what changes have been made for auditing purposes.

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A screenshot of the Logs tab in a quote.

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Supplier Purchases Report Itemised View

In the Supplier Purchases Report, you can select from additional display options to view the report results as a Summary or Breakdown. The Summary view displays one purchase order or invoice in each line, and the Breakdown view will display one line for each item in the report.

To view the report, go to Reports > View Reports > Suppliers > Supplier Purchases.

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A screenshot of the Breakdown view in the Supplier Purchases report.

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See Supplier Purchases Report


  • When an asset did not have a service level added to it, the asset failure notification was not triggering. Now you’ll stay in the loop when an asset fails.
  • When you added a new one-off item to a job, and the quantity had three decimal places, the job was creating invoices with incorrect totals. Now your numbers will add up.
  • When importing a catalogue, if the trade price column was blank in the file, the catalogue item in the system was being updated with a price of $0. Now, if the trade price is blank, the cost price column will be used instead.
  • Retention claims were displaying the incorrect Income Account and the value was displaying as a negative amount. All fixed!
  • Sometimes you were able to convert a single lead to a quote multiple times while the first lead conversion was still processing. Now you won’t be doubling up on your quotes.
  • Some Contractor Invoices were still showing a leftover GST of $0.01 when the full value of the work order had already been invoiced. All fixed!
  • When you imported a supplier invoice against an archived purchase order, the items being imported were still being added to the purchase order and the job. Now your archived purchase orders won’t be affected.
  • When sending purchase orders to L&H through the integration, the trade price was being sent instead of the nett price. All fixed!
  • In the list of currencies in System Setup, the exchange rate was not updating when you clicked the refresh button. Now you can get the latest exchange rate.
  • In Form Builder, the "${FailurePoint:SeverityName}" field was printing a value for every failure point available on the asset instead of only printing the severity for the failure points that were actually tested. All fixed!
  • Changing the start date on a notification was not updating the next delivery date. All fixed!

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