Export Inventory Journals and Tracking Data to MYOB


Learn which MYOB AccountRight Live permissions are required to export inventory journals and account tracking data such as accounting categories and business groups to MYOB, as well as the information that export.

In MYOB AccountRight Live, your access is controlled by privileges that are organised in groups with minimum access levels assigned to them, such as Read Only or Read & Write.

For example, for all data that you transfer between simPRO and MYOB, you need to have a minimum access level of Read Only for the Accounts privilege, which is included in the Accounts group.

A screenshot of the privilege and access levels available in the purple MYOB interface.

All names used in MYOB are case-sensitive when linking to simPRO, which means that all names in simPRO and MYOB must match exactly before transferring any data to prevent duplication.