How to Set Up the MYOB Accounting Link


Before you begin posting your simPRO transactions to MYOB, you need to enable the accounting link in simPRO.

When transferring data between simPRO and MYOB, remember that:

  • All names used in MYOB are case-sensitive when linking to simPRO, which means that all names in simPRO and MYOB must match exactly before transferring any data to prevent duplication.
  • You cannot post transactions from simPRO to header type accounts, which are bolded in your accounts list in MYOB.
  • You cannot post to an account marked as inactive in MYOB.
  • You need to enter the account number, not the account name, when setting up simPRO and the accounts it links to in MYOB. You can access account numbers in your chart of accounts in MYOB.

This accounting link can be used with both MYOB AccountRight Live and the current version of MYOB Essentials that is powered by AccountRight Live.