Types of Variations


Add variations to accommodate extra works on jobs that are outside the scope of the original job, or add-ons requested by the customer.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the term 'change order' is used instead of 'variation'. Learn more in Types of Change Orders.

You can add the following types of variations in Simpro Premium:

Standard variation

A cost centreClosed US: Cost Center. A method for separating operational costs of the business for reporting and financial management. that is managed and invoiced as part of the original job.

Learn more in Add a standard variation.

Standard variations are useful to show:

  • additional chargeable work not initially quoted
  • additional work expected to exceed an agreed contract value.
Linked variation

A separate quote or job that can be approved, managed, and invoiced separately from the original job, or created separately and then merged into the original job.

Learn more in Add a linked variation quote or Add a linked variation job.

Linked variations are useful:

  • if additional works require a quote
  • if all of the requested works need to be managed separately from the original job requested by the customer.

In the original job, you can select to include variation and linked variation values in the breakdown table. Linked variation quotes are not included until they are converted to jobs. Learn more in How to Use the Breakdown Table in Quotes.