How to Use the Breakdown Table in Quotes


Use the breakdown table in quotes to view, compare and adjust budgeted costs.

Go to Details > Summary in a quote overview or cost centreClosed US: Cost Center. A method for separating operational costs of the business for reporting and financial management. to view a breakdown of the quote profitability and ensure that the requirements of a quote have been filled. You can use the activity timeline to the right to assist in understanding changes that have been made to the quote and their potential cost impacts. Learn more in How to Use the Activity Timeline.

In a breakdown of a single cost centre, you can also lock the cost centre, adjust the discount / fee and tax applied, as well as edit the sub total and total of the quote. Additionally, you can view an extra section above the breakdown table with a list of all billable quantities of materials and labour.

In the breakdown table of a quote overview, you can view the total costs from all of the cost centres.

A similar breakdown table is also available for jobs. Learn more in How to Use the Breakdown Table in Jobs.

You can only lock costs and adjust totals for breakdown tables within a cost centre.