How to Clock On / Off


Using CLOCK ON / CLOCK OFF, record a timestamp of your start and finish work time for each day. Your CLOCK ON and CLOCK OFF times, along with your total clocked hours, are sent to Simpro Premium and recorded in Schedules A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Timesheets. So, if you only need to track daily start / finish times and the total hours between these times for your employees, use this feature instead of managing individual time blocks.

Tap CLOCK ON when you start work and tap CLOCK OFF when you finish.

Only when you tap CLOCK ON at the start of your workday, the CLOCK OFF button is accessible to tap at the end of your workday.

You can CLOCK ON and CLOCK OFF only once per calendar day.

You can CLOCK ON and CLOCK OFF only for the current calendar day. If you navigate to a different date in schedule, this feature is unavailable.

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