How to Create an As Built Drawing


Create takeoff estimates quickly and easily with Simpro’s takeoff add-on. Associate your drawings directly with your Simpro Premium projects, create your list of material estimates with associated fit times, and update these directly into the Simpro Premium project’s cost centres.

You can create As Built drawings to take into account the differences between the final drawing and initially planned takeoff versions. As Built drawings capture the actual representation of the work completed and the items installed. You can use As Built drawings to record the variation of items added to a job, however, items added to an As Built drawing are not updated on the job. You can attach As Built drawings to jobs to help provide an accurate record of a project. Unlike Takeoffs, you cannot update a job with materials added to an As Built drawing. You can manage existing items from the Parts & Labour > Billable tab of a job or use variations to assign additional items. Learn more in Types of Variations.