How to Use the AIA Preparation Form - US Only


The AIA (American Institute of Architects) billing system is a standardised method for contractors to submit requests for payment for certification by the architect and / or other involved parties.

In Simpro Premium, view and complete the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Preparation Form to prepare the values necessary for calculating this progress invoice using Simpro Premium job data.

A screenshot of the AIA preparation form pop-up, including blue change order summary and G703 tables.

This is useful for ensuring your values are accurate and streamlining the paperwork process.

The AIA forms that you can complete using data from the AIA preparation form are:

  • G702: Application and Certificate for Payment
  • G703: Continuation Sheet

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Preparation Form is not a replacement for the standard AIA forms, and does not save in Simpro Premium, nor can it be attached to invoices.

Disclaimer: AIA® and G702™ are the trademarks of the American Institute of Architects. These identifiers are used solely to refer to AIA and its form, and is not to be considered as a statement of endorsement by or affiliation with AIA.

Complete an AIA preparation form

Before you begin completing an AIA preparation form, it is important to be aware of the following details:

  • Data entered in the AIA preparation form does not save in Simpro Premium and does not attach to invoices, as it is not an official document, but an extra tool to calculate the values you wish to enter in the standard AIA form.
  • If you have enabled retainage for a project, you need to know the following retainage rates for the project before creating the request for claim and completing the AIA preparation form:
    • Retainage for completed work
    • Retainage for stored materials, that is, materials you have purchased and stored for use on the project.

Learn more in Calculate stored materials and complete work retainage.

A screenshot of the retainage text box in the Contractor's Application for Payment section.

To complete an AIA preparation form:

  1. Create a request for claim as normal for the project. Learn more in How to Create a Request for Claim.
  2. If you have enabled retainage for the project and you wish to claim retainage for stored materials, use the established stored materials and completed work retainage rates to re-calculate the retainage for each cost center you have claimed.
  3. Enter the sum of this Retainage below the Total.
    • If you have selected Hold retainage inclusive of Tax in System A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Setup > Defaults > Financial > Invoicing > Retainage, you need to add tax to the Retainage sum.
  4. Click Finish to create the request for claim.
  5. In Forms > Form, select the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Preparation Form.
    • The form appears in a pop-up.
  6. In Preparation Form for Document G703 > Materials Presently Stored, enter the value of stored materials you wish to claim for each cost center if applicable.
  7.  In Contractor's Application for Payment > Retainage, enter the retainage % of stored material, if applicable.
    • This is the same retainage rate you used to calculate the retainage when creating the request for claim.
  8. Refer to the Application and Certificate for Payment, Contractor's Application for Payment, Change Order Summary, and Preparation Form for Document G703 table to continue completing your AIA G702 and G703 forms.
    • You need to keep the form pop-up open while completing the official forms, as any data entered does not save in Simpro Premium, nor can it be attached to invoices.
    • See AIA preparation form fields for more information on where this data is extracted from in Simpro Premium.
  9. When you have finished completing the official AIA forms, click the black X in the top right to close the preparation form.

If you close the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Preparation Form pop-up, any stored materials retainage rates or values entered does not save. Select the form again from the drop-down list to re-enter the values and view the information.