How to Create a Request for Claim


If you want to send a customer a progress claim for a job, but first want to obtain their approval before posting invoice details to your accounting package, you can create a request for claim.

After a customer approves your request for claim, you can convert it to a deposit or progress claim to send to the customer.

A request for claim is almost identical to a progress claim, but unlike a progress claim it does not post any information to your accounting package. This means you do not have to void a progress claim if your customer rejects your claim (providing only the percentage or value of the claim needs to change, and not the value of the project).

To set up how your request for claim forms appear when you email them to customers, see How to Set Up Request For Claim Forms.

US only: If you use Simpro Premium in the United States, the terms 'progress invoice', 'deposit invoice' and 'final invoice' are used instead of 'progress claim', 'deposit claim', and 'final claim'.