How to Use Attachments


In Simpro Premium, attachments can be added to many areas, including quotes, jobs, items and people. You may wish to use attachments to easily store copies of agreements or contracts, images of items, and other associated documents. You can upload files up to 80MB in size to Simpro Premium, the customer portal, employee portal and contractor portal.

Attachments are managed through the Attachments tab in a quote, job, customer card file etc. This tab does not appear until the project has been saved at least once.

Access to creating, editing and deleting attachments and attachment folders may be restricted by a user's security group settings.

Changes to attachments updates in Simpro Mobile after syncing.

Any attachments you create in Simpro Premium are stored in Amazon's Simple Storage Service. Your attachments are secure, and large attachments do not affect Simpro Premium's performance.