How to Email a Credit Note


Raise customer credit notes in Simpro Premium to record credited and voided customer invoices.

Learn more in How to Raise a Customer Credit Note and How to Void an Invoice.

To email a credit note:

  1. Go to Invoices A screenshot of a invoices icon > Credits, and click the credit note.
  2. Click the Forms tab.
  3. Under Form, Credit Note is selected by default. Alternatively, select Email Only to send an email with no form.
  4. Select Show as Copy to add a Copy watermark to the form, if required.
  5. Click View to preview the form.
  6. Select the Primary Contact to address the email to, and then click to add additional Contacts, as required.
    • Alternatively, you can manually enter email addresses separated by commas.
  7. Adjust the default Subject and Body, if required. The default is set up in System A screenshot of a schedule icon with a grey calendar icon and an arrow. > Setup > Forms Setup > Credit Note > Email.
    • Alternatively, click Clear Email to enter a new Subject and Body.
  8. Click Send > OK.

See How to Set Up Credit Note Forms to learn how to adjust display options for credit note / voided invoice forms. You can also enter a new form title to display on the printable form document. The form still retains its Simpro Premium default title when you select it in the Form drop-down list.