How to Set Up Taxify Integration - US Only


When Taxify integration is set up in simPRO, you can easily calculate tax on quotes, jobs, recurring jobs and recurring invoices. Tax is calculated by Taxify using the verified site address and the applicable taxability codes.

Taxify calculations and tax codes only apply to sales tax on jobs, quotes, recurring jobs and recurring invoices. Currently, it does not affect purchase orders, supplier quotes or supplier invoices.

To ensure that Taxify can calculate your tax, make sure that all site addresses are entered accurately and include a street address, city and state.

Before integrating with Taxify, please read the Taxify Service Agreement.

The free Taxify integration service offered by simPRO does not include access to your own Taxify account or allow the use of any other Taxify services. However, you can choose to sign up for your own Taxify account in the future.