How to Manage Allocated Materials in simPRO Mobile


Stock allocation using simPRO Mobile is based on a specific logic to ensure accountability when items are used on a job. Accurate stock management in simPRO ensures correct material quantities are assigned and a relevant paper trail is created, when stock is used on a job in simPRO Mobile.

It is important to distinguish between the physical process that reflects the actual movement of stock from your storage locations, through your technician's vehicles, to the site for a job, and the digital accounting of stock that occurs in simPRO. simPRO records this movement of stock digitally to reflect the physical movement.

To streamline the stock allocation process in simPRO Mobile, ensure to assign individual storage devices to technicians working on site. Learn more in How to Create Employees.

When you consider stock allocation in a job workflow, it is important to remember that stock is always assigned to a specific cost centre.