Simpro Premium 23.3.4

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 13 August 2023 AEST

Asset List Report

We’ve made sure the Asset List Report loads easier, is more reliable and less likely to time out!

Previously, when you selected an asset type to run the Asset List Report, it would attempt to load in every custom field associated with the asset type as filters. Due to a potentially large number of custom fields, multiplied by the options under each field, the report would have a lot of filters to load, and often time out or crash.

Now to run the Asset List Report you can select the related custom fields to use as filters along with the required asset type which makes the process faster and more efficient.

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A screenshot of the Zone filter in the Asset Test History report.

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See Customer Asset List Report

Title field in email templates

Customise your email templates to add relevant titles!

You now have the flexibility to add a contact’s Title as an insert field in an email template from the System Setup for saving your time to enter it manually every time.

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A screenshot of the Zone filter in the Asset Test History report.

Bulk management of job cards

This time-saver feature helps in managing selected job cards in bulk by reducing manual inputs!

You can now either Select All or multiple job cards at once for printing, emailing to technicians, attaching them to any job or when approving completed job cards.

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A screenshot of the Zone filter in the Asset Test History report.

Galvins Plumbing automatic catalogue and supplier invoice syncing (AU only)

If you use Galvins Plumbing as a supplier, you can set up automatic syncing for catalogues and supplier invoices, instead of manually importing them every time.


  • The issue where no notifications were triggered when changing an archived quote’s status code is now fixed!
  • Prepaid time Expiry report showing incorrect Invoice numbers? All fixed now!
  • Editing a job card and using the Pass all untested assets button would freeze the job card and the assets did not change to Passed as well. This issue is now resolved!
  • We’ve made sure status code for invoices are triggered as mapped so on the day after the Payment Due date, the invoice will be set to the overdue status.
  • Pre-builds still showed hours under the Build time section even when you had changed the View time to minutes. This issue is now fixed!
  • The Service security group setting for Plant & Equipment will now function correctly based on the assigned permissions. All fixed now!
  • The price on a recurring invoice would not automatically adjust when it reached the anniversary date that was setup. We’ve fixed this issue so that the invoices will now have the adjusted price when reaching the inflation date.
  • In multi-company builds with shared catalogues, the supplier archive report was returning active suppliers which have Purchase Orders created with the filtered date period. All fixed now!
  • Does the jobs table view change after you book a job in Customer Portal? We’ve made sure the table view remains as is even after a job is booked!
  • You can now sort the quotes table by expiry date without any errors! The issue is fixed!
  • Performing stock take in the barcode portal for a specific storage device in a multi-company build would retrieve items from different companies despite having unshared catalogues. This issue is now resolved.
  • The issue where only the first cost centre was successfully copied over and an error message would display when copying two or more cost centres from one quote to another quote or job is now fixed!
  • The estimated cost would not automatically recalculate when you clicked the Estimated time field in the One Off Labour Item page. All fixed now!
  • Notifications failed to send an email if the notification is configured to attach an approved job card form builder template with an asset loop. This issue is now resolved!
  • Form builder templates were not printing the data for ${Asset:FailurePoints} when this plugin was in a cell next to the test result image loop. All fixed now!
  • Now when you update tax codes on the customer card, the individual cost centres on the job will also get updated.
  • Unable to add all response times to a customer in a multi-company build with ‘Shared Customer’ and ‘Unshared setup’ on settings? All fixed now!
  • Does your job card (PDF) form load indefinitely and eventually times out after loading for 10 minutes? This issue is now fixed!
  • We’ve fixed the issue where the All Day tab was not clickable in the Reminders section on the Sales Dashboard.
  • Exporting a contractor invoice from Xero was removing the Exported value from the matching contractor invoice ID in Simpro Premium. All fixed now!
  • Asset test results gone missing from the Asset Record - Site (PDF) form? We’ve brought them back for you now!
  • Now when you save or create a task template, it will throw an error if the mandatory Assign to field is not populated!
  • You’ll no longer be able to change the price on invoiced work orders. The issue is now fixed!

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