Simpro Premium 23.4.3

What's new in Simpro Premium: from 5 November 2023 AEST

Contractor jobs audit logs

Track important events from your contractor jobs, such as when materials and labour are modified and when the invoice is issued.

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A screenshot of the Logs tab in contractor jobs.

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Update custom fields on a paid invoice

You can now update custom fields on an invoice to record important information, even after it has been permanently locked. This is particularly useful for capturing information that is only available after an invoice has been paid.

Filter and Export Gantt Chart

Filter tasks included on your Gantt chart by category, so only relevant tasks are displayed. Also, you can export a Gantt Chart as a CSV if you want to send a list of your tasks to another party or piece of software.

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A screenshot of the Task Category filter in Gantt Charts.

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Purchase order creation date visible in jobs

Now you can easily see when your purchase orders were created within a job. In the Orders tab and in the Activity Timeline, the date when each order was created is displayed so you can quickly find the right order.

Square ACH Payments

If your business operates in the US, Square can manage ACH payments. If your customers use an automated clearing house to make payments, these can be processed using Square through the Simpro Customer and Payment Portal.

ACH payments generally have a lower transaction fee, meaning you can manage payments for less.

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A screenshot of the ACH payment option in the customer portal.

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Improved integrated payments

Payment links are now available for Form Builder templates. You can customise your invoice forms and provide a link to allow customers to pay directly on the invoice form with Form Builder templates.

Your payments have more integrity - the date field on payments made through Square cannot be edited and changing the deposit account is more difficult, to prevent reporting inconsistency.

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A screenshot of the Pay Now box in a Form Builder form.

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See Add a payment integration link


  • On description orders, the Freight field has been moved to prevent you from incorrectly entering the purchase order amount in the Freight field.


  • Sometimes you weren’t able to edit labour rates in System Setup. All fixed!
  • In the UK Gas Safety Certification form, the Expiry Date was not automatically populating. Now your form will be filled out correctly.
  • When importing stock, the import was allowing a restock level that was lower than the item’s minimum stock level, which was causing problems with restock alerts. Now you’ll receive an error if your stock levels don’t line up.
  • When you added a service fee with a negative price, a negative markup was being added to materials, not resources. All fixed!
  • In timesheets, the calendar view was not displaying the relevant schedule notes. Now you’ll be able to see your notes again.
  • UK only: In the Sales Invoices report, the Total was including VAT but not including Reverse VAT on the invoice. All fixed!
  • In the Service Dashboard, the map was not displaying an employee’s mobile image after they tapped Start Work in Simpro Mobile. Now you’ll be able to see employees who have started work.

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